Changes of and news about Pro-Bergbau


New photos at Pro-Bergbau !

Since today - December 4th in 2010 - the gallery containing the photos of the day of Ost colliery's shutdown can be found in the photo section of Pro-Bergbau.

If you have other interesting photos for Pro-Bergbau, please do not hesitate to send them to me via e-mail.


Mining stories

Pro-Bergbau is still looking for good stories about mining and experiences that are related to it. I was very happy if you would be so kind to take yourself the time and write them up so that I can publish them on these pages. All stories are documents of how mining really is - so they are worth a lot. Please share your experiences will all of us ! Two examples of good mining stories can be found on the corresponding page - please click here to get there.


E-Mails to Pro-Bergbau

If you want to send e-mails to Pro-Bergbau from mailboxes of the German hard coal mining company (DSK) you have to use the program "Outlook". Otherwise the e-mails will come back without being sent.


Planned changes of Pro-Bergbau

Let me surprise you...