Pro-Bergbau's objectives and principles are:


Pro-Bergbau's objectives

Pro-Bergbau's objectives result from its name: Pro-Bergbau wants to collect e-mails in which the authors express their wish to go on with the German hard coal mining and that they want the mining to be extended if this is necessary and/or possible. Pro-Bergbau is comparable to an electronic petition. (Annotation: The prefix "pro" is often used with the meaning "professional" in English-speaking countries, in Germany it is often used with the meaning "for", standing for the support of something, in this case Pro-Bergbau means "for the mining" !).

There are different reasons for that: Hard coal is one of the rare energy sources we have in Germany and for example under the Ruhr area there are 6 billion tons of recoverable reserves of a very high quality.

Several thousands of jobs depend on the German hard coal mining industry. They are DIRECTLY threatened because of the reduction of mining. It is almost impossible to compensate all these potentially lost jobs in the future !

Even in the case of a crises the domestic hard coal will be able to supply us with energy etc. and make us independent from foreign supply from maybe political or economical unstable countries ! The German hard coal is produced under good working conditions and with remarkable safety regulations.

Mining is an important factor concerning apprenticeship, as well. Young people can find employment and apprenticeship and often high-tech innovations result from the German mining industry.

Additionally the German hard coal mining has a tradition that lasted for centuries, yet, and it has to be kept upright.

When energy was rare, everybody supported the German hard coal mining industry - now these times are over and mining can be given up - NO ! Even the power plants using hard coal do not pollute the environment, in contrary, concerning the fact how clean the exhausted gas is, these plants do not differ from those using other energy sources too much.

If mining dies, the Ruhr area will die, as well. We want to avoid that !


Pro-Bergbau's principles

There are different principles for the Pro-Bergbau e-mail collection:

1.) The Pro-Bergbau e-mail collection is not commercial. This means that it is not dealt with the mails received or with the e-mail adresses of those who have sent the mails, neither they are used for other commercial purposes. By sending the corresponding data for the list of supporters the sender declares his acceptance of the publication in the list of supporters.

2.) Pro-Bergbau is free of violence and dissociates from such things or actions. This e-mail collection is intended to create a new self-confidence about the value of the mining industry and among the miners - but without violence.

3.) Pro-Bergbau is compatible with all principles of constitution and law. Additionally Pro-bergbau supports the objectives and principles of democracy and of the constitutional state. It is important to mention that Pro-Bergbau does not try to reach any other political objectives than the continuation of the German hard coal mining industry and it is not meant to present the political objectives of another person or another group in public.

4.) Pro-Bergbau is intended to form a large group supporting the German hard coal mining industry. This e-mail collection is intended to unify all institutions involved, i.e. that these pages are not meant to create a conflict between employers and employees or other groups. Everybody is intended to work together (!) while reaching the objectives.

5.) The objectives and principles mentionned above must be supported by everybody indentifying with and taking part in the e-mail-collection.


Miners - You are important !