Underground tour Junge Union Meschede, 01.06.2004 !

One of Pro-Bergbau's very important objectives is to make young people understand the importance of domestic hard coal for a safe energy supply. All of us may not forget: Today's young people are the future decision-makers.

Pro-Bergbau organized an underground tour for 12 young people of the Junge Union Meschede (the youth organization of the German party CDU) at Ost colliery in Hamm (Germany) in order to make it possible for them to experience hard coal mining as it really is. After the tour the young politicians were deeply impressed by the high technology used underground and by the high degree of automation.

Thank you very much to the competent miners having gone underground with us. Even after the underground tour they stayed with us for a while and answered all of our questions with a lot of patience. All of us will never forget this experience.

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The group at the colliery's gate. Well equipped for underground. Back to the surface ;-).