The Neu-Monopol colliery in Bergkamen (Germany) !


Glueck Auf !

I welcome you to a visit of a typical German colliery with Pro-Bergbau.

During this tour you will see lots of different aspects: How the colliery works, what is required for that it works, the different safety measures and many, many other things.

I tried to describe the different stations and facts during this tour in a way that those who are experienced in mining and those who are not will be able to enjoy the following pages. All data are well researched - if a mistake should have found its way into the pages, please do not hesitate to send me an e-mail. Additionally I would be glad about more photos of the different departments of a colliery.

Some of the pictures shown in the following pages are taken from publications of the German hard coal mining company, the RAG, some others are from private persons. If one of those mentionned before does not want the pictures to be published here, please send me a message and I will delete them. But now I spent enough words, so let's start with our tour.