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GeoBerg is nearly a mining portal !


The Geoberg-Project is intended to make it possible for everybody - whether expert or not - to write textes about geology and mining and place them on these pages for that others can read them. There is a vaste range of possible textes - from reports about excursions and underground trips to academic and/or scientific essays. Additionally these pages contain a large collection of more than 400 mining and geology related links and good photos.



The translation of the V-R-B’s name is „Community for Resources and Mining“ and its headquarters are in Berlin (Germany). On the pages there area various pieces of information about the resources that are extracted in Germany, about the community’s targets, about its board of management etc.. Additionally several documents containing information about the meaning of a domestic mining industry for a safe supply and for the economy are offered for download. This is a very interesting page !


This website is about the ventilation !


The German word „Bewetterung“ means „ventilation“ in English and that is the reason why you can find various pieces of information about the ventilation – i.e. the problem how to bring fresh air to all the places underground where it is required – on the these pages. The pages’ visitors can read nearly scientific texts e.g. about the history of the ventilation, the ventilation of different kinds of roadways or about the ventilators used underground. Additionally the owner of this website presents a German dictionary with mining related expressions and their translations from German to English and from the English to German.



This website’s content is so extensive that you can hardly describe it: There is really a lot of information about minerals and it does not stay at the surface, some of the data and facts are even very scientific. But minerals are not the website’s only content, there is also a large section about mining and other related topics so that it is really worth visiting. Additionally you can post your opinion in a message board and use this way to find other people with the same interests, as well.


This is the website of the Mining Reporter !


The Mining Reporter is an online magazine. On these pages you can download and take a look at the journal free of charge. The magazine’s content consists of different articles about the international mining industry and related aspects like safety, environmental care etc.. Additionally the website contains a news section, a list of important events and a collection of mining related links. The pages are really worth visiting !



These pages are owned by the institute for mining of the University of Aachen (Germany). The members of this department are presented here, additionally you can see several photos of special events and even a webcam gives you an inside view of the university.



And yet another department of the obviously very active University of Aachen (Germany) - this time the Institute of Geology and Geochemistry of Petroleum and Coal. The trilingual pages (English, French and German) inform you about the studies, the department's research, news, experiments etc. - just everything that is important for that kind of science.



This link goes to the chair of colliery surveying, of damages caused by the mining industry and of geophysics at the University of Aachen (Germany). Here the chair informs about news that are related to the studies, about future events and lessons and additionally the corresponding documents can be downloaded. If you are interested in these studies, you should not miss visiting this website.



This website is run by the “International Society for Mine Surveying”, the headquarters of which are situated at the University of Aachen (Germany). On these sites the board of the society is presented, the targets and methods of mine surveying are explained, free jobs are offered, there is a list with the future events and additionally a members’ area.



This is the website of a local community of radio hams that is situated in the city of Marl in Germany. The community is a member of the DARC, the German umbrella organization. This local division has a very interesting project that is called "mining and amateur radio" and its objectives are to use the areas of former or still producing collieries for amateur radio purposes. A good example for that is shaft 4 of Auguste Victoria colliery in Marl (Germany). On the pages there are different pieces of information about the project, a download area, a guestbook, a picture gallery and lots of facts about amateur radio.



IGARAG is the abbreviation for a community of miners having the same hobby: Amateur radio. On these pages there are lots of news, a photo gallery, information about the so called Sta.-Barbara-Party, a guestbook and all about amateur radio and how to contact the community's members.



This is the website of a small mine producing clay. The domain's name results from the fact that the mine is situated in the city of Klingenberg in Germany. The very interesting pages contain different pieces of information about the clay that is produced and about how it is produced. Additionally there are some historic mining photos and a description of the geology. This website is well worth visiting.


Here you can get to the mining related calendar !


Every year the publishing house that runs these websites publishes a mining related calendar. On the different sheets of this calendar there are very interesting mining related photos and long explanations so that the calendar’s owner is able to look at new pictures in regular intervals.



"USMRA" is the abbreviation for "United States Mine Rescue assiciation. On these pages there are different pieces of information about the association, the latest rescue operations, about some bad mine accidents and the possibilities for training that are offered to the miners by the USMRA. Some videos and a collection of mining related links of different categories can be found here, as well.



Did you know that there are abandoned mines on the island of Sardinia ? I have to admit that I did not know it before the pages' owner sent me an e-mail. The homepage is really worth visiting, there are different kinds of information, nice photos, historical data etc. about the ancient mining in that region.



The pitwork-pages are made with real passion - here you can find several pieces of information about the English mining activities. Nearly everything that is mining-related can be found here: Ancient photos, stories, mining history, the presentation of different collieries, poems, songs and so on. Enjoy visiting this homepage !



CCMHS is the abbreviation for "Cannock Chase Mining Historical Society". This society wants to cure the memento of earlier mining activities and give today's pupils the opportunity to experience how coal has been produced in earlier times. On these pages you can find multiple information about ancient collieries, nice photos, you can read more about the society's objectives etc. - this page is really worth visiting !



This is the abbreviation for "Coal Mining History Resource Centre". Everything the miners' hearts desire can be found on these pages: Beautiful ancient photographs, mining stories, statistics (also concerning mining desasters), historical data, poems and many, many more. You can really see that the owner enjoyed building these pages !



Here is another English page - this time about the Yorkshire Main Colliery. The websites contain various pieces of information about the colliery, it's history, the different underground districts etc.. Additionally lots of photos from when the colliery was still producing coal, information about a disaster, a guestbook and different other things can be found here. In my eyes it is a very nice page you should take a look at !



The Mining Heritage Trust of Ireland (MHTI) is an organization that is dedicated to the cultivation of the Irish mining traditions. On these pages there are numerous pieces of information about the Irish mining industry including a list of the former Irish mines, some of which are also presented by showing different photos. Additionally the homepage contains a list of relevant literature, a description of the MHTI and its targets and a collection of links.



This is another good international website about hard coal mining - this time about the coal region in Pennsylvania in the United States. Here you can find several ancient mining photos, recipes, an interesting dictionnary of the sometimes quite colloquial language, a large collection of links etc. - I think that you will like the pages !



After an Italian homepage I want to present you a Dutch one, now. Here you can find very interesting information about the Dutch hard coal mining industry. The Dutch hard coal mining sector is presented by showing lots of ancient and actual photos, by indicating several collieries' data, by showing future perspectives for the mining and so on. In my opinion it is a really good page that is worth visiting.


Here you can get to the Domanial colliery !


Here you can find another Dutch page about hard coal mining. This time it is about the Domanial colliery (in Dutch "mijn" means "colliery" or "mine") in the city of Kerkrade in the Netherlands. This really well designed page contains lots of information about the colliery, a large number of ancient and more recent photos, you can read a description of the colliery's history and find some pictures of how the area looks today - a really good page.


Here you can get to the DeMijnen homepage !


This is a very good homepage about those former collieries in the Netherlands that were run by the government. Here you can find different pieces of information about the collieries and the homepage, a mining related collection of links and a very (!) large photo gallery with pictures that were taken underground or at the surface. Additionally there are some videos in which former miners report about their experiences at work.
These pages are really worth visiting !



This is the third Dutch website that I can present you in my collection of links. Wim - that is the owner's name - presents you various aspects and different pieces of information about mining like miners' lamps, several photos (most of them showing German collieries), an explanation of the Koepe hoisting principle and different other topics you should take a look at.



As you can see, this is another Dutch mining related website. By showing various interesting photos different collieries from the region of Limburg (Netherlands) are presented. The photos were taken underground and at the surface and in addition to that the miners’ different tools, some safety measures etc. are shown, as well. Today (15.03.2009) the website is still under construction so that you should visit it from time to time to see the changes.



As the name says, the collieries of the Limburg region in the Netherlands are presented on this website. In addition to numerous beautiful and ancient photos there are lots of facts about the different coal mines and also various pieces of information about other aspects like the minerals of that region, the transportation of the coal etc..



This website with the interesting name has a very interesting content: The mining on flint in the Netherlands. In addition to numerous data and facts about this mining industry that has its beginning in prehistoric times, there are good photos from the surface and from underground, information about the geology and lots of different other things the visitors can discover. The page is really worth visiting !



This is another good Dutch page about hard coal mining. The GEON community's aim is to keep alive the miners' traditions and the knowledge about hard coal mining in the Netherlands. In order to reach that target the community organizes different activities and presents several nice mining photos and a lot of history here. Once again, I can only invite you to visit these pages - they are worth it.



This is a Dutch website containing a collection of mining related links from different countries and regions. If you want to suggest other interesting links, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster so that the pages can be added as soon as possible.



This is another Dutch site with a collection of mining related links that works quite similar to the one I described before. The best will be to contact this webmaster, as well, in order to make him add good mining related links.



This is a Belgian website run by the miners' choir from the city of Genk. Here you can find different pieces of information about the choir's history, the songs the miners can play including some music files as examples, a page with photos and a collection of links - you see that this page is worth visiting.



This is a very interesting Austrian page about mining in Kaernten (this is the region of Austria the inhabitants of which are called Carinthians). On this website you can experience the mining in the city of Bad Bleiberg. You can find really impressioning photos of the ancient tunnels in that region. These tunnels have been built with nothing but hammers and cisels and the corresponding photos are of a very high quality. Additionally there is a gallery with ancient pictures and a dictionnary with expressions Austrian miners used in former times - please do not miss these pages !


This is a good website about minerals !


This is another Austrian website where miners and those who are interested in mining can find all that they want: Ancient books about mining, beautiful small boxes made of stone, well designed mining related bottles and various minerals. Additionally there are numerous pieces of information and good descriptions. Concerning all of the topics mentioned above there are recommendations for further reading and there is a collection of links, as well.



The society for the research about the ancient mining industry in Switzerland (SHGB) is presented on these pages. Here you can find different pieces of information about the community, its board and its past and future activities. Additionally there is a presentation of a journal that is published in regular intervals and that reports about the historic mining industry in Switzerland and a collection of mining related links.



On these Dutch sites you can find different pieces of information about ancient industrial plants etc. in the Netherlands. The pages' title can be translated as "industrial heritage" and the content is corresponding to that. There are different categories of industries, one of them is mining - the Dutch word for it is "mijnbouw" - with a lot of related links, some photos and other interesting pages that are worth discovering.



Horst Bauer is photographer and on his pages he presents some beautiful photos in different categories. These pictures show former industrial plants and buildings that are still in use. The categories are e.g mining, energy, railway etc..
Just take a look and enjoy !



Charbonnages de France (CdF) is a very interesting website about the French hard coal mining industry. Here you can find several pieces of information about hard coal mining in France, about it's history, there are lots of photos and explanations and different articles about environmental aspects, for example. You should visit the pages, they are really interesting.




These both pages are run by Jean-Michel Torcol. Several months ago he has sent me a lot of mining photos, some of which can be found in the Pro-Bergbau galleries. One of the two pages shown above is a special website about the Simon colliery in France and the other one is for all miners and those who are interested in mining. Both sites contain nice photos, a message board for the discussions etc. - you should really visit these pages.



At the beginning an explanation for those of you who do not know it: Santa Barbara is the miners' patron saint and that is the reason for the domain's name. Ste. Barbe is a community of different cities in a former mining region in France. Here you can get information about the former mining activities, about the community, there are several photos on these pages and you can find a collection of mining related links.



APPHIM is a community that has the target to commemorate the hard coal mining industry in the region called Nord Pas de Calais in France. On these pages several pieces of information and lots of different photos are used for describing the mining industry and additionally the community APPHIM presents itself. The website also contains some mining related links and archives in which the visitors can experience the community’s actions in the past.


On the geoworld pages you have the possibility to search for different topics of geography in different media, for example in about 13.200 literature sources, 1.450 weblinks etc.. The website contains a search engine so that you can enter what you are looking for and get a list of links, books and other sources - really useful !


The company running this website is a specialist for using mine gas (methane) for generating power, electricity etc.. All over the Ruhr area power plants can be found where methane gas from former or active collieries is used for this purpose. On these pages you can find an animation of how the systems work, the advantages are explained, there is a map of all places where the power plants can be found etc. - very interesting.


This is one of the companies working for the German hard coal mining company DSK. This firm is constructing and building shafts for the collieries (the German word "Schachtbau" means "construction of shafts"). On these pages you can find the company's presentation.


This is another company working for the German hard coal mining company. This firm usually builds the roadways, gateroads etc. underground. On these pages you can find the company's presentation.


As the page's title expresses, these pages contain different pieces of information about various topics concerning energy. There are facts about the different energy sources, hints how to reduce costs, a large collection of related links, a newsletter and many other features that have to be discovered.
Different services can be found here !


As you can expect because of the name: These pages contain various pieces of information about geology. In my eyes it is a good page.
Here you can buy miners' lamps online !


On these pages you can find a shop selling miners' lamps - lots of them and all kinds of them. There are various offers of electric, carbide and oil lamps and of the corresponding accessories. If you are looking for miners' lamps or if you even collect them you should not miss visiting these pages. There is an English version available, as well.


This is another shop on the web. Here you can buy various things on which mining related symbols are printed. Among these things there are T-Shirts, teddies, cups, mousepads, bags etc..
This is a shop for mining and spelaeology related shirts !


After a shop where different mining related things are sold, the owner of this website specialized in shirts of different shapes. On these shirts various mining or spelaeology related subjects are printed so that everybody can show his interests to other people.


As you can imagine this website is about the miners' nearly most important equipment: The lamps for underground use. On these pages you can find lots of categorized photos of miner's lamps. Most of these pictures are explained and they show you very different kinds of lamps that were used a long time ago. Additionally there are ancient mining photos from different regions, a page about the miners' tools, several mining related drawings etc.. Because of the fact that the page's owner is interested in minerals (especially in wulfenite), as well, he is running another page that you can find at http://www.wulfenite.com.


This is the page of an exhibition for carbide lamps - but it is not just an exhibition, they can be sold and bought here, as well. In addition to the program of the meeting you can get several pieces of information about the history of that kind of lamps, about the carbide and the exhibitions of the last years. If you are looking for somebody who can restore your ancient carbide lamp - no problem, you can find the corresponding contact on this page, as well.


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