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In addition to mining photography is a very important hobby for me. By the time I took more and more photos so that I decided to open an account at Flickr, in which you can find lots of pictures showing the beautiful region I live in the Sauerland in Germany. I invite you to take a look at the photos and to send me the corresponding comments.


Fort Fun is a good leisure park !


This is another page from the region I live in - the
Sauerland. Some of you may know the leisure park Fort Fun. As the word "Fort" shows, the visitor is "transferred" to the Wild West. In the parc there is a real (!) Western Railway, a chair lift with a toboggan run to get back down, stuntmen's performances, "real" punch-ups in the saloon and lots of other attractions. Just visit the homepage and then go to Funny Fux and his friends in the parc.


Here you will get to the Rotaract Club in Meschede !


This link will lead you to the Rotaract Club Meschede-Warstein in the region I come from. Rotaract-Clubs are communities of young people. These young women and men are willing to help others and to support charitable projects. If you ask me - this is something very good, isn't it ?


Here it goes to Georg's homepage !


This page shows you what you can do with Ford Escort Express cars - with a guestbook and many more. Just click on the link and see the different pictures, figures, data and facts.



Maniac is a very good band covering all the well known rock songs and it is a real pleasure to listen to them. Nearly all musicians of this group come from the city of Paderborn in Germany.


Galeriegate offers a long list of links !


On these pages different artists from the Ruhr area created an internet portal. There you can find several categorized homepages from the most different areas. I think that everybody will find something interesting here, so: Take a look at these pages.



Here you can find information about the mayor of the city of Bergkamen (Germany). These pages contain news, information about the mayor himself, tips for young people, other policy related news, a download area and many more. It is worth visiting.


Nere you can find music !


My former mate at university is member of a band in the village he lives in. On these pages you can find several information about the band and the corresponding community, lots of photos, a guestbook and some very interesting links, as well.



These pages can offer you different information about trams - some of them are ancient and have been closed yet and some are still used for transportation. All trams are situated in the Ruhr area or in other cities close to it. I like these pages because you can find several trams' maps and photos - please do not miss these pages, not just the intro is worth visiting them.



Technikmuseum-online.de is dedicated to the history of traffic and technology. Different reports about various aspects concerning these topics can be found here, additionally there is a long list of related links - please take a look at these pages, it is worth it.



This is the first internet fan community for the Schalke 04 football club having legal capacity. Here you can find several pieces of information about Schalke 04, news, the actual games and players - just everything a real fan has to know.



I have found these pages just when surfing the web and I really like them. There are interesting photos from all over the Ruhr area - nice pictures containing a certain message if you like this region. I stayed on these pages for quite a long time and just looked around - you should do this, too.



This is the homepage of Paderborn University - the one I have been attending. Here you can take a look at what is done there, find some news etc..



I think everybody will know the spectecular dance show called "Lord of the Dance". Really nice homepage !



Some of you may not know but Riverdance is what Michael Flatley performed before starting his own project - "Lord of the Dance". This show is a bit more of an American style and contains less original Irish elements. But - I have to say - this does not influence it's fascination - good website, worth visiting.


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