Links related to the Ruhr area !

This website is a certain jewel among the pages treating the Ruhr area: Here you can find some black and white photos showing this region in the 1980s. Not posed, nothing changed - just as life was during that period. There are pictures from the supermarket, from a pigeon exhibition, from the "coal fair" and from anywhere else - you must have a look at them !

The pages - owned and run by the railway museum in Bochum-Dahlhausen (Germany) - can offer you a lot: Everything you must know about railways in general and their history, about what can be seen in the museum and different other subjects. Additionally there are some romantic railway photos and a large collection of links - just do not miss the pages.

The homepage's title tells us about the content: The pages are presenting Suderwich, a suburb of Recklinghausen (Germany). In earlier times the Koenig Ludwig colliery was situated here and by that the origin of Recklinghausen's famous music festival. On these pages you can find A LOT OF photos showing Suderwich and some showing other subjects, too. Most of them have a certain relation to mining, a miners' community or something like that - the page is worth visiting, everybody will find something of interest for him, I guess.


The friends of a special kind of bicycles !

„Liegeraeder“ are comparable to normal bicycles, but the drivers are in a laying position and they do not sit on them. On the pages the friends of this kind of vehicles in the Ruhr area (Germany) introduce themselves and they present data and facts about of their community like the latest excursions and the ones that are planned for the future. In addition to that there is a large gallery containing numerous photos and if you are interested in the bikes and the community, you can subscribe to a newsletter.

After 35 years in the German hard coal mining industry, Reinhold Kaemmerer started a new career some years ago: He gave himself the new name Rudy Cash and performs as a singer, but his songs are still influenced by his former job.
On the pages you can find data and facts about Rudy Cash, the published CDs can be ordered here and there is a collection of links. Additionally you have the possibility to book the singer for events etc..


This is the website of Essen's suburb Stoppenberg !

Stoppenberg is a suburb of the city of Essen (Germany) and on these pages you can find several pieces of information about Stoppenberg: Lots of different pictures of the ancient churches in the suburb are shown, various streets are documented and the most important buildings are presented – everything including the corresponding explanations. Stoppenberg is also related to the content of Pro-Bergbau, because in this suburb the famous Zollverein colliery produced hard coal until to the 1980s. In addition to all that the pages offer a collection of links and a message board, where you can write down your opinion about different things.


 This is the cycle track in the valley of the Ruhr (Germany) !

The cycle track in the valley of the river of Ruhr has been established some years ago and since that it has an incredible success. Thousands of cyclists ride the way from the spring of the Ruhr near the city of Winterberg to its mouth in the suburb called Ruhrort of the city of Duisburg (all cities mentionned are in Germany) every year – and on their way they drive through my home town Meschede, as well. On the pages there are various pieces of information about the cycle track, about where the cyclists can eat and drink something and spend the nights, about places of interest at the track and about all the other things you have to know. In my eyes the homepage and the cycle track are really worth visiting.

The owner of this page is interested in the so called „rail archaeology“, i.e. the searching for the remains of former track systems and he specialized on ancient trams. There are really lots of photos from different cities with good descriptions. He was also very active in the Ruhr area (Germany) and that is the reason why this link can be found here. So if you want to know more about the traces of former trams in your neighbourhood, you should not miss visiting this website.


Here you will come to the Ruhr-Guide !

On the pages of the Ruhr-Guide there are various pieces of information about the Ruhr area (Germany), for example about the places of interest, about how and where to spend the leisure time, about the bars and clubs that have to be visited and about important events in the future. Additionally there is a collection of links that is also related to that special region.

Do you want to drink your coffee from a cup on which the German miners’ greeting „Glueck Auf“ is written ? Or do you want a shirt, underwear or a top that has a relation to the famous Ruhr area in Germany ? If this is the case, you should visit these pages, because all the things mentioned before can be bought here !

This is the homepage of another online shop from Germany. If you ever wanted to drink your coffee in the morning or during a break from a cup on which the drawing of a winding tower can be seen, this is the right website for you. In addition to the cups calendars, postcards, miners‘ shirts, bags, soap, musical clocks and lots of other items are offered. I am sure there is something for you, as well!

Lohberg is a suburb of the city of Dinslaken (Germany) - but not just that: Here the colliery with the same name (Lohberg colliery) is situated. On these pages you get different pieces of information about the suburb, the activities taking place there, here are special pages about the colliery and different other things - just click on the link and enjoy.

Langendreer is a suburb in the Ruhr area, as well, and it belongs to the city of Bochum (Germany). On these pages you can find lots of different photos about Langendreer's history - from black and white ones taken in very early times also showing some of the former collieries until to those taken recently. Additionally there are different pieces of information about events, schools, companies, communities etc. in that suburb of the city of Bochum. This page is really worth visiting.


Here you get information about Bochum's suburb Langendreer !

This is the second page about Langendreer, a suburb of the city of Bochum in Germany. This website consists of two main parts: At first there is a gallery containing different ancient and actual photos of Langendreer. Additionally there is a message board where the visitors can post the latest news from the Eastern part of the city of Bochum. This message board is of special interest, because there is a section about the former mining industry and the ancient collieries in that region, as well.

On these pages there are historic views of another suburb of the city of Bochum in Germany - the suburb called Ehrenfeld. Here you can find a presentation of the suburb's history and some ancient town maps, an explanation of the meaning of some street names and a long list of literature about this suburb.

I have found these pages by fortune in a linklist of another website about the Ruhr area. Among other subjects some good photos of former industrial plants can be found here. In addition to some collieries in the Ruhr area photos from Belgium are shown here, as well. Have a nice time while visiting these pages.


Here you can find ADS-news !

On these pages you can find information about the history of a former copper plant in Duisburg (Germany). Today a recycling and raw iron company is situated here. On these pages there are lots of photos showing this plant and in addition to that you can get private information about the photographers and find a large collection of links.

The translation of the website’s name is „steel photo“. As this name says, on these pages there are impressive photos of former industrial plants. Most of them were taken in former steel plants, but additionally there are some photos of Gneisenau colliery (Germany), as well. The page is surely worth visiting !

This website is run by Andreas Meier and it is really worth visiting: Here you can find numerous beautiful photos of former and modern collieries and other industrial plants in the entire Ruhr area (Germany). Additionally an ancient cokery in the city of Zeebrugge (Belgium) has been documented so that it can be presented to the visitors. Some impressive pictures taken in the night complete these websites – you really should not miss visiting them !

The owner of this website, Mr. Kuepperfahrenberg, lives in the city of Essen and by that in the heart of the Ruhr area (Germany). He took lots of photos of his home town and presents them on this page. For that reason you can find numerous pictures of collieries, steel plants, an abandoned indoor pool and lots of other subjects at These pages are really worth visiting !

This homepage is about the subject „coal-fired power plants“ lots of which can be found in the Ruhr area (Germany) and for that reason I added the link to this category. On the pages you can find various pieces of information about this kind of power plants and the technology used in them for generating energy. Additionally the pages’ owner presents lots of photos of coal-fired power plants with their large cooling towers from all over Germany and a collection of links related to that subject. If you want to visit one of the power plants, you can find the corresponding addresses here.

This is another private page about a city in the Ruhr area (Germany) - these pages present us the city of Gelsenkirchen. Here you can find several photos from all over the city, information about good restaurants, you can send electronic postcards and leave a message in the message board.

Eberhard Hippler is an artist and he has designed several interesting postcards showing pictures of nearly all cities of the Ruhr area (Germany) and these postcards can be bought on his website, as well. In this way and by other projects that are planned for the future, Mr. Hippler wants to present the Ruhr area as a real metropolis that is comparable to well known big cities like London, Paris, New York or Tokyo.

Glueck Auf – these words are integrated into the website’s name – is the German miners’ greeting. The GlueckAufStadt project has the intention to achieve that the different cities in the Ruhr area cooperate more than they do today and act as if they were one big city. On these pages there are various pieces of information about the project’s background and targets, the visitors can take a look at a presentation and there is a collection of links. Additionally the pages contain reports about interesting events, restaurants etc. in the Ruhr area (Germany).


Here you can find the freinds of the Honda Deauville !

This homepage is run by a community of people who own and/or love a Honda Deauville, i.e. a certain motorcycle. On the pages there are lots of pictures of and data and facts about the motorcycle, the community and its excursions and other activities. Additionally there are interesting suggestions for different journeys and explanations of the motorcycle’s technology.

Jan is a student of the LEK department of the University of Aachen (see the previous link, please) and he has sent me a CD with lots of photos of excursions of that department. At the moment Jan is in Australia in order to write his dissertation and you can read the reports about this topic and about his experiences "down under" on his homepage.


This is Buer - a suburb of Gelsenkirchen (Germany) !

This is the homepage of another suburb in the Ruhr area, this time it is Buer, a part of Gelsenkirchen (Germany). Here you can find several pieces of information and the latest news about this suburb, a page presenting the former mining in this area and, of course, the very important Hugo colliery.

This page is about the industry in the Ruhr area. Lots of interesting photos can be found here, additionally good links and some pages about mining, as well. When visiting the pages you will see the very good design - so just click on the link.


This is Guenter Pilger's website about the Ruhr area !

Guenter Pilger lives in the city of Essen in Germany and has built a very nice website. On these pages you can find various pieces of information about the Ruhr area: Among other things there are reports and photos about and of different cities in the Ruhr area, some slagheaps of former collieries and the works of art that have been built on them are described and lots of other things can be found here, as well. Additionally Mr. Pilger presents some interesting regions where he has spent his holidays, for example. I can recommend this site to all who live in or who are interested in the Ruhr area.

Here you can see the homepage of a true inhabitant of the Ruhr area. There are lots of personal information about the owner himself, where he likes to spend his holidays etc. - special Ruhr area pages with corresponding links to important other pages about this region are offered, as well - take a look at them.


The poems of Norbert van Tiggelen !

Norbert van Tiggelen lives in the Ruhr area (Germany) and offers lots of different things on his website. The main part consists of the numerous poems he wrote about different subjects, experiences etc.. His life story is presented in a long text with lots of beautiful photos. In addition to what I mentioned before, such a lot of other things can be found on this homepage that I can hardly describe all of them. I can only recommend you to visit this website.

This website is run by Friedhelm Wessel and it has the title „Between the cities of Duisburg and Dortmund – pictures and stories from the Ruhr area“. Here you can find newer and older photos from that German region and especially from the city of Herne. Additionally the visitor gets different pieces of information about the history of the mining industry and of some famous companies. Because of the fact that this site is still under construction, you should visit it from time to time to see what has changed.

This is the City of Wanne-Eickel's (Germany) inofficial homepage. If you chose the "Bergbau" (mining) category you will find some information about the mining industry in Wanne-Eickel. I really liked the pages containing an overview of the history of the city of Wanne-Eickel, as well. In addition to that you can find information about leisure activities in Wanne-Eickel.

Christian Bruenig is photographer and really likes ancient industral plants. The consequence is taking photos in the Ruhr area. And these photos are really beautiful. Old shaft towers, steel plants, collieries - everything can be found on these pages. You must (!) have a look at it !

Jörg Roel is photographer and he designs websites – and these are his own pages. Here you can see lots of Mr. Roel’s very good pictures of humans, from the Ruhr area, of ships and lots of different other subjects. This website is really worth visiting.


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