Faces for the German hard coal mining industry !


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Detlef "Magic" Lauster !

Detlef "Magic" Lauster - http://www.magiclauster.de



Klaus Deuter !

Klaus Deuter - http://home.arcor.de/steigergemeinschaft/



Lothar Koehling !

Lothar Koehling - http://bergmann111.npage.de



Armin Mesenhol !

Armin Mesenhol, West colliery, Germany



Oliver Thol !

Oliver Thol - http://www.abenteuer-ruhrpott.de.vu



Stephen Zimmermann !

Stephen Zimmermann, Ost colliery, Germany


Kevin Junge !

Kevin Junge, Ost colliery, Germany



Richard Binder !

Richard Binder, Ost colliery, Germany



Heinz Quass !

Heinz Quass, former Schlaegel & Eisen colliery, Germany



Horst Schmadel !

Horst Schmadel, former miner from the Saar region (Germany)



Daniel Schopphoff !

Daniel Schopphoff - http://www.pro-bergbau.de